Helpful tips for using eyedrops

How To Use Your Eyedrops

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry them.
  • Shake the eye drops container.
  • Remove the cap. Do not touch the dropper tip. Eye drops must be kept clean.
  • Tilt the head back slightly.
  • Pull the lower eyelid down and away from the eyeball to form a pocket, as shown in the picture.
  • Hold the dropper directly over the eye, but do not allow it to touch the eye or eyelid. If self-administering the drops, you may want to brace your hand against your face to keep it steady.
  • Look up, or tell the patient to look up. Place one drop in the pocket and continue to hold the eyelid for a moment while the medication runs in. If you are self-administering the drops, look directly at the dropper tip when positioning it in front of your eye. To keep from blinking, look away from the dropper tip just before you release a drop.
  • Release the eyelid, close the eye for one or two minutes. Do not squeeze the eye shut or rub it. The drops may sting or burn, but this feeling should go away quickly.
  • Wait at least five minutes before applying any more drops or another eye medication.
  • Replace the cap on the container.
  • Wash your hands.

Still having trouble?

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